Reduce your monthly loan payment or shorten your term

When you refinance your existing high interest Harley-Davidson motorcycle loan with Ironhorse Funding you choose the savings that work best for you. You can choose to save by:

  • Lowering your monthly payment and keeping your term

  • Keeping your existing payment and shortening your term

Refinance your motorcycle loan and save big!

Refinancing your motorcycle loan with Ironhorse Funding is fast and easy. Call us today at 866-646-7639 and we can start the refinancing process right over the phone! Or, get started by telling us more about yourself:

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Harley-Davidson Refinancing: Why Choose Ironhorse Funding


Ironhorse Funding offers fast, online refinancing using our proprietary automated loan application portal.


We’re available to answer questions seven days a week by phone or email. Our online customer portal lets you access your info and make payments online.

Response Time

You’ll get a response on your application within 24 business hours of receipt and usually the same day!

*Average monthly payment savings may result from a lower interest rate, longer term or both. Your actual savings may be different.