Captive Financing Programs

Are your customers denied credit from your lenders? Do you get approvals that your customers will not accept? Ironhorse Funding LLC helps you provide your customers with the credit approval and finance options that your competition can’t offer!

Client-Focused Credit

We offer financing, leasing programs, and other consumer products specifically created for the motorcycle, powersports, and recreational vehicle industries. We’ll work with you to identify core developmental opportunities specific to your business model. Together, we’ll create a plan that will increase your profit margin and customer base.

You’ll be able to offer:

  • Easier Financing for Customers with Damaged Credit: Approve your customers which were turned-down elsewhere

  • Personalized Finance Options for Your Customers: Provide the finance terms, and payments, that your customers will say “Yes” to

  • Subsidized Financing Offers: Offer finance rates that your customers cannot find elsewhere

  • Increased Sales From Your Service Department, Accessories, and Back-End Products: Enable your customers to finance good and services to increase your profit

A Full Suite of Services

We work with major dealers — including banks and finance companies — to develop financing options that eliminate monthly billing and give your clients access to credit terms that increase their buying power. Other services we can provide include:

  • Extended Contracts

  • Dealer-Owned Producer Reinsurance

  • Lender & Lessor Reinsurance

  • PORC's

  • Vender's Single Interest Insurance

  • LSI

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection

  • General Financial Services

  • Debt Placement

  • Bank Debt Solutions

  • Commercial Finance

  • Private Debt Solutions

  • Sub Debt Solutions

  • Leasing Programs

Business to Business Financing Programs

Ironhorse Funding LLC offers targeted financing solutions for the power sports and auto industries by developing a finance lease or BHPH (buy here pay here) program designed to benefit your company and your customers. Our custom financing and leasing programs offer incredible benefits to companies in the power sports, motorcycle, and automotive industry. You’re able to offer flexible payment plans, dedicated lines of credit that can only be used at your location, the ability for commercial clients to carry balances (increasing your revenue) and your own accounts receivable system.

State-of-the-Art Financing

Take advantage of our technology that includes integrated service platforms that utilize NLS, Deal Pack, ALS, TCI Decision Lender, Sage, Merchant Partners, and more.

Additionally, we greatly simplify the funding process. Even without bank partners, funding is a breeze. When you work with us, you get:

  • On-the-Spot Financing Approval With Credit Response & Contract Documents

  • Advanced Pre-Approval for Customers 

  • Increased Chances of Sales

  • Outsourced Services & Reduced Operated Costs

  • Outsourced Credit, Capital, Operational &

  • Good Will Risks

  • Tax Advantages for Lease Ownership & Reinsurance Programs

  • Discounts & Assignment Feeds for Third Parties by Dealer Affiliate

  • Fast, Hassle-Free Disbursement Process

  • Annual Fee Income

  • Increased Odds of Approval

  • Full Direct Insurance & Reinsurance

Unmatched Support

We are wholly dedicated to helping you succeed. We develop and implement a customized plan for your leasing and finance departments and support you by:

  • Implementing training and dealer seminars and a sales department mentoring program.

  • Handling debt placement, securitizations, and structured finance.

  • Handling the marketing and implementation of our B2B financing products.

  • Providing executive level support on a temporary or contract basis.

Additionally, we’re able to advise dealers, distributors, and manufacturers on formation, setup, operations, compliance, and funding. Our team is also equipped to handle sales tax administration, which is often complicated by cars moving across state lines.

Along with our tax and consulting services, we also expertly handle accounting, risk management, and legal concerns. You handle the sales accounting, but we work with more complex finance and lease accounts. Our risk management specialists are able to ensure that you make a profit without harming your business. We also provide a legally compliant lease and finance agreement and make sure to monitor changes in lease laws.