Captive Financing Program

Ironhorse Funding LLC delivers the most comprehensive and efficient captive non and subprime finance programs in the motorcycle, powersports, and recreational vehicle industries, allowing dealers, distributors, and OEMs to create their own captive related finance companies. We arrange the credit lines, loan origination and asset management systems, support, and training for your turnkey financial services platform. 

Ironhorse Funding LLC successfully guides its clients through the process of developing, executing, and operating their own captive finance and leasing companies by providing superior credit and financial support. Ironhorse Funding LLC, its staff, key vendors, and associates have originated and serviced hundreds of millions in loans and leases.

A Full Suite of Services

We provide everything you need to operate your own finance company:

  • Turnkey finance and leasing origination & contracting platforms

  • Access to asset-based credit lines

  • Underwriting services and scalable loan origination systems

  • Dedicated web presence and digital marketing

  • Forward flow receivables purchase agreements

  • Portfolio acquisition

  • Asset management

  • Payment processing

  • Collections

  • Asset recovery

  • General accounting

Your workload stays virtually the same!  Your dealership will submit applications to your finance company the same way they do any other lender.  Customers and employees do not need to know that you are the bank on loans your finance company underwrites.